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Data List Protocol

    Don’t waste your site’s precious marketing budget on advertising that reaches thousands of people who aren’t even qualified to participate in your research trial.

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    Direct Mail Products

      Of all the clinical trial marketing options available, why should you select direct mail? The simple answer is that it is the most effective method of reaching the most valuable contacts in your area for any given study.

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      Motion Graphic Videos

        Not long ago, video was confined to television and movie theater screens. With the explosion of digital media and the availability of mobile devices, however, it is now possible to view videos anywhere, any time, and on nearly any topic the viewer can imagine.

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        Marketing Products

          Because your site doesn’t sell a product or service to the public, promotional items may not have ever occurred to you as a potential marketing tool.

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          Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment Made Simple

          Streamlining Clinical Trial Recruitment

          Clinical List America is making it simpler than ever before for clinical research sites, CROs, and sponsors to recruit volunteers for important medical trials. Contact us today to find out just how easy it is to revolutionize your clinical trial patient recruitment process. CLA offers a full range of tools that streamline and enhance recruitment efforts, including:

          1. Direct mail
          2. Social media and other online communication
          3. Customized promotional products
          4. Banner and signage printing
          5. Year-round strategies

          Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment Through Direct Mail

          Our flagship service, direct mail, makes use of filtered and sorted national mailing lists to help recruiters reach key groups of people. Unlike “every door direct mail,” which reaches all addresses in a given geographical area, our clinical trial recruitment system gives you the power to reach those most likely to qualify and volunteer for any given medical trial. We use our experience in the clinical trial recruitment field to create mailers that attract potential volunteers’ eyes, encourage them to read about the trial, and communicate reliability and professionalism on the part of your research site.

          In-House Printing of Clinical Trial Recruitment Materials

          Our company includes a printing facility in house, allowing us to design and customize promotional items, signs, brochures, postcards, and mailers. Printing materials in-house saves money and time for our clients and also ensures that their orders match their expectations.

          Comprehensive Clinical Trial Recruitment Strategies

          Clinical trial patient recruitment is a constant process, even when a site is not actively seeking volunteers for a trial. We help CROs, sponsors, and sites accomplish the following on a year-round basis:

          1. Stay in contact with past trial volunteers and encourage them to help recruit others
          2. Make new contacts in the community via health fairs, workplace events, and race sponsorships
          3. Develop valuable relationships with local physicians
          4. Raise research facilities’ profiles in the community with logo creation and sign printing

          Get detailed information on our direct mail products and view samples in this interactive document. See what other services we offer that can help you recruit for your next clinical research study.

          Find out about our Data List protocol and view an extensive list of indications. Our national mailing list can help you focus your clinical trial recruitment campaign.

          WHY Choose us?

          • We are a national leader in direct mail patient recruitment.
          • We provide exceptional value to our clients.
          • We serve both large and small sites, CROs, and sponsors across the country.
          • We are different. Let us prove it to you.
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          • Clinical List America has played an active role in many of our volunteer recruitments.   They have been helpful in identifying solutions, at the “site-level” to the difficult task of volunteer recruitment across multiple therapeutic areas. 

          •  I loved what you did with the postcard! Very approachable. I have been given approval to proceed with this second mailing and will be sending it your way.

          • We are extremely pleased with the appearance of the cards for our campaign.  They were exactly what we were hoping for.  The postcard has just enough text that someone can scan it quickly but still understand the study. Very eye-catching!

          • Clinical List America has helped us reach a population that we have failed to capture via any other marketing channels. Clinical List America has helped us meet our recruitment goals for a variety of studies in multiple therapeutic areas. They are very easy to work with and always get back to us in a timely manner.