There are times in history when technology increases at such a rapid pace that we have a hard time keeping up with it. Of course, we are very thankful for the invention of so many different tools that make our jobs easier, but one day we look up and realize that we aren’t using those tools to their fullest potential. Our new 360 Plan gives you a way to incorporate multiple useful, effective tools for patient recruitment for clinical trials, all with a single marketing partner.

Streamlining Your Recruitment

As you kick off yet another campaign for patient recruitment for clinical trials, you probably have a long list of people to contact. Your marketing effort might include any or all of the following:

  • Designing a mailer to send to local potential volunteers
  • Compiling a mailing list and mailing out your postcard or flyer
  • Composing doctor-to-doctor letters concerning your study
  • Creating an informational brochure to distribute
  • Building an online presence through social media
  • Participating in community events for exposure

With our 360 Plan, you only have one partner to call in order to accomplish all of these tasks and more. Our experience in the recruitment field sets us up to create all the content you need and organize each phase of your marketing campaign.

All about Results

We understand that in the end, your primary goal is to sign up your quota of volunteers for your next clinical trial. As we customize your individual 360 Plan, we also offer our expertise and advice, taking your marketing to the next level and completing the recruitment phase more quickly and affordably than you thought possible.

Patient recruitment for clinical trials doesn’t have to monopolize your time and energy. Give us a call and we will be happy to explain more about our 360 Plan and how it can streamline your trial marketing efforts.