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Data List ProtocolClinical List America has a nationwide, proprietary medical database that is verified as 100 percent HIPAA compliant. Our database is compiled of people who self-report that they have certain indications and/or are taking certain types of medications. Typically, these people self report via electronic or paper surveys. For more information, please contact us.To comply with HIPAA guidelines, every respondent must:n State that they are 18 years or oldern Check an opt-in box stating their information is correct n Provide their signature on the surveyIf all three of these requirements are met, we are then able to pull their health information for use. We use the following research methodology to garner the best possible data results for you:n Data is gathered per indication and or medication, per geographical radius to a research site’s zip coden If research sites are in close proximity, deduping is done to prevent overlaps of data from site to siten Age, gender, ethnicity and treatment method filters can be applied to further refine data To ensure that our data lists are up-to-date:n Our data lists are refreshed once a month with additions or deletions (i.e addition of potential participants or removal of someone who is deceased, imprisoned or has requested, through the Direct Mail Association, to have their names suppressed)n All data is less than two years old (households, name and address must be reported by two or more sources within the last 24 months to remain a production record)n At the time of each mailing, we run each data list through our NCOA and CASS Certification filters. This ensures that all addresses are updated with the latest USPS move updates and are sorted to USPS delivery

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