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CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEOV.I.P. ServiceOur Volunteer InvolvementProgram (V.I.P.) is an eCommunications, strategy-based program that aimsto ATTRACT potential participants, INFORM them of beneficial health informationand MAINTAIN relationships for future trial opportunitiesand referrals. Please contact us to request a proposal or more information.Dynamic Response(the use of our Business Reply Mail postal permit on both types of MailBacks)With this additional service, we print our Business Reply Mail (BRM) permit on the reply card of your mail piece so that all responses can be returned to Clinical List America postage paid. Once repliesare received, we then electronically transfer the data to our client’s site(s). This service is available for $4 per returned response.QR Codes and Text MessagingQR Codes and Text Message Numbers are just a couple of ways you can get additional information to your clients and for them to respond.QR Codes can link your website, educational videos relating to a particular study or even provide turn-by-turn navigation to your site from a volunteer’s exact location.Text Message Numbers give the potential volunteer a quick and easy way to respondto your site/study. Consider adding this feature to your next recruitment mailer.The more ways that you give a potential volunteer to respond to you, the more you increase your response rates! These services can be featured on any our mailers at no additional fee.Motion Graphic VideosHave you wondered how you can help educate your community about clinical trials in general or for a specific study? We can help you dojust that! Considerusing a Motion Graphic Video on your website or next electronic communication. According to Forbes, viewers retain 95% ofa message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. Please visit our website and check out our latest video and then give us a call and let us know how we can incorporate this concept into your marketing plan.SERVICESV . I . P.Volunteer Involvement Program All Access

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