patient recruitment for clinical trialsSome time ago, I was watching television in a hotel room while traveling and saw a commercial that looked familiar. Then I realized it was the exact same commercial I had seen at home…only the name of the specific business had been changed! Two companies had obviously purchased the same “stock” commercial and simply plugged their names into the appropriate spots. Needless to say, this didn’t inspire my confidence in either company’s professionalism. When it comes to patient recruitment for clinical trials, each element of your strategy needs to be uniquely yours, not a slight variation on a stock design.

We Have a Plan for Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials

The term “360 Plan” refers to the fact that our customized plan for your research site’s clinical trial recruitment encompasses the entire range of products, activities, online projects, signage, and mailers that you need. Each element is built in cooperation with your site, not just stamped with your site’s logo. And speaking of that logo—our design experts are ready to help you create a memorable brand and message that will get the attention of potential volunteers who see your marketing and recruitment materials.

Customize Everything in Clinical Trial Recruitment

Give your site a unique look, voice, and mission. A stoic-looking white sign with block letters in front of your facility shouldn’t satisfy you! Patient recruitment for clinical trials is far more successful when your organization has already established itself with a highly professional image in the community. We help you do that, in part, by ensuring that each letterhead, envelope, postcard, marketing product, poster, banner, and sign that you display is uniquely yours and is of the highest quality.

If you have been “coasting” in your clinical trial recruitment marketing approach, it’s time to put it into high gear! Call or email us to start your 360 Plan today.