Suppose you’ve just hit a home run by executing a great campaign for patient recruitment in clinical trials. The postcards were designed just right, they were engaging and inviting, and you offered plenty of response options so that potential volunteers wouldn’t have an excuse not to get in touch with you. At this point, you have perhaps an even harder job ahead of you: processing those responses and turning them into qualified volunteers who are officially signed up for your study.
Clinical trial patient recruitment

First Impressions in Patient Recruitment

Your patient recruitment mailer delivers your research site’s first impression to the prospective volunteer. But when that person responds and makes a direct connection with the person on the other end of the phone line or email address, that’s another kind of first impression. If he gets the feeling that the agent on the phone is distracted, untrained, or curt, that may be enough to prompt him to reverse his decision and pass up the opportunity to volunteer. Your success or failure in patient recruitment clinical trials really could hinge on such a seemingly small factor!

Organized Processing

The information that the potential volunteer provides during the response phase absolutely must be recorded accurately, handled securely, and organized carefully. Those tasks are not as easy as they seem, especially when you are fielding a large number of responses.

Trust the Experts in Patient Enrollment in Clinical Trials

Your respondents should feel like they are talking to highly trained experts when they dial the number on your mailers. With our help, that can happen. Our agents’ experience and our highly organized system lets us handle all of your responses with a professional, friendly attitude; compile them accurately; and pass them on to you in a form that makes it easy for you to begin meeting your potential volunteers face to face as soon as possible.