Clinical List America, the patient recruitment specialist, is constantly looking for ways to improve our patient recruitment strategies. As part of our creative process, the Clinical List America team meets at least once a month to discuss and brainstorm innovative strategies that will help our clients reach their patient recruitment goals quickly and efficiently.

In a recent brainstorming session, our team began discussing the importance of a name. Have you ever noticed that regardless of whether a name is more traditional or trendy, at some point or another at least one name (or two…or three!) has probably caught your attention? Have you ever wondered why this is?

As our discussion went on, we agreed that throughout history, people have always seemed to have a fascination with names. Some believe this is related to a need to be creative or unique; others think it is related to the subconscious thought that your name inadvertently has some effect on your life or personality. Regardless of the reason, recent research indicates that names really do matter… lending more to the idea that names are of high priority in people’s lives.

So we thought, why not use a person’s name in our patient recruitment strategy?

At Clinical List America, we have the ability to personalize direct mail pieces for patient recruitment through our variable printing capabilities. Traditionally, direct mail response rates hover around 1 – 2 percent. However, personalization has the ability to increase these response rates. According to a September 2012 “The Effectiveness of Highly Personalized Direct Mail” article, “highly personalized direct mail was found to typically generate a 6.5 percent response rate.”

Our brainstorming continued, and we knew that we wanted to take our personalization services further than just printing a person’s name on a direct mail piece. So we thought; much like the importance of names, location plays an important role in patient recruitment. Through out experience, we know that often times, potential participants do not realize that a clinical trial site is in their area. If a potential participant is unfamiliar with a clinical trial site’s location, then this has potential to defer them from responding to the clinical trial. So the question was, how do we combat this?

Our answer? Mapping services.

With our mapping services, we’ll incorporate a static map of the clinical trials site area on the direct mail piece. Paired with this map is a QR code that when scanned, turn-by-turn directions are provided from the potential participant’s location to the clinical research site. Participating in a clinical trial has never been easier!

And do you want to know the best part of our personalization and mapping services? We are offering them at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

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