As you partner with a clinical trials recruitment agency for your clinical trial, you don’t need to follow a non-discriminatory policy. That is important in contexts like college admissions and job applications, but when you are searching for research trial volunteers in your community, you actually want to be discriminating! Here’s why that term is not always a negative one, and how our patient recruitment agency can help you use it to boost your research site’s recruitment numbers.
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Pinpointing Qualified Volunteers

It goes without saying that you are interested in only those people who are likely to qualify for your clinical trial. If there is a way for your clinical trials recruitment agency to filter your recruitment mailing list by indication (diabetes, arthritis, asthma, etc.), you have already saved a lot of money by avoiding sending materials to people who aren’t even eligible to volunteer. You may also be looking to focus on one gender or a specific age group within that indication. Our national database is detailed enough to provide a mailing list that does just that.

Ethnicity Considerations

Clinical research is one field in which it is often desirable to focus on one ethnicity or another. If you need more diversity in your trials, your patient recruitment agency may filter your mailing list differently to reach ethnic groups that you are missing.

You will gain the attention of non-native English speakers when you make the effort to translate your recruitment materials into their most comfortable tongue. That’s easy to do with our translation services, which are conducted by experts who are able to accurately translate even technical medical terms.

Your Clinical Trials Recruitment Agency Focuses Your Effort

Filtering your mailing list in these and other ways—by household income level, to add another example—gives your recruitment effort a huge advantage. We invite you to rely on our patient recruitment agency’s experience helping sites and CROs around the country conduct successful recruitment campaigns for many years.