clinical trial patient recruitment strategiesIn the restaurant industry, the phrase “in the weeds” is a familiar one. It refers to that dreaded situation in which there are lots of customers waiting, the kitchen is overwhelmed, and the servers are running at top speed just to keep some semblance of forward motion. As research site staff members devise clinical trial patient recruitment strategies, they can often feel like they are “in the weeds” as well—they’re frantically trying to keep up with their quota needs in any way possible. There’s certainly no time for analyzing approaches and getting creative about improving patient recruitment strategies in clinical trials.

Follow This Tip

In keeping with a “volunteer-centric” mindset toward clinical trial patient recruitment strategies, ask yourself a single simple question when you are making a decision about a recruitment method or piece of material: How would this affect me if I were the volunteer?

Act On the Answer

If your honest answer is, “I’d probably just ignore it,” then your site should reconsider its patient recruitment strategies in clinical trials. If the answer is, “I wouldn’t know what to do with it,” you probably aren’t including enough clear information or response options. If the answer is, “I don’t understand it,” then your written content probably isn’t clear enough. If the answer is, “It doesn’t look very professional,” then you should assume your contacts will think the same thing.

Get Out of the Weeds

Spending serious time analyzing and fixing your clinical trial patient recruitment strategies will get you out of the weeds, not deeper into them. Once you take a deep breath, come up with some great patient recruitment strategies in clinical trials, and launch your next campaign, you’ll find things running much more smoothly. Call us for help and expert guidance for your next direct mail or online recruitment campaign.