Can you think of a more frustrating situation than wanting to mail out a letter, only to realize that you do not have a stamp?

Picture this: you’re flipping through your daily mail when you notice something that catches your eye. It’s a direct mail piece letting you know about a clinical trial in your area that could potentially help you.

You read through the piece and officially decide that want to learn more about this trial. Responding seems simple enough – filling out a response card and mailing it back. You fill out your contact information and you’re ready to mail your response back when you realize you don’t have a stamp. You don’t want to run out just to buy a book of stamps, so you put your response ‘here for now’ (everyone has a ‘here for now’ spot(s) – right?) until you have time to buy stamps. Three weeks later…your response is still lying in your ‘here for now’ pile.

‘Here for now’ spots can certainly be an enemy for those involved in patient recruitment in clinical trials, but this does not mean they HAVE to be! Instead, clinical trial recruiters can take advantage of services available through patient recruitment outsourcing and avoid the dreaded ‘here for now’ spots. Take for example, Dynamic Response.

Dynamic Response is a service offered by Clinical List America and your strategy to fighting the ‘here for now’ spot. With this service, our team prints our BRM permit on your direct mail recruitment piece. Our permit takes care of postage for your potential participant’s response postage – alleviating the threat of “putting it here for now.” They simple need to fill out the response card and drop it in the mailbox.

Not only does Dynamic Response benefit your potential participant (and your response rate!), it also benefits you! Instead of trying to manage all of the responses from your direct mail recruitment piece, we’ll take care of it for you. When using the BRM permit, response are sent to Clinical List America, where response information is collected securely, compiled and then electronically transferred to your site. Talk about easy organization!

Avoid “here for now” spots, improve response rates and keep organized with Dynamic Response! Contact our customer advocate, Mary Lou, at or 1-888-299-1202 to learn more! And in the meantime – be sure to stay up-to-date on more patient recruitment tips by subscribing to our monthly e-newsletter here or connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn!