The average household receives 24 pieces of direct mail per week in their mailbox.

Does your Patient Recruitment direct mailer entice the consumer to open it or toss it without reading?

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has done a study on what makes a consumer open and read a direct mail piece.

Here are some steps that you can take to ensure that your Patient Recruitment mailer stands out and gets the attention that it deserves.

Personalization. The more direct and personal you can make your Patient Recruitment mailer the better.  67% of those surveyed indicated that this was what caught their eye.  The DMA said that in 2011, personalization alone resulted in at 38% increase in response rate.

Packaging.  60% said that full bright color with a clean crisp design drew their attention and made them want to read the content.  A larger size piece has the highest read rate.   Consumers tend to look at a piece that stands out before looking at a standard #10 envelope size.

Discounts.  Special Offers, discounts or the reward of a free gift came in at 54%.

Dated Material.  If the headline talks about the material being dated, the survey said that this is what drew the consumer’s eye 35% of the time.

City List America is ready and willing to help you make your next Patient Recruitment mailer a success!