Patient recruitment for clinical trials can be a time consuming process that has the potential to delay almost any clinical trial. However here at Clinical List America, we understand the importance of clinical trials for their contribution to the betterment of medicine and people’s health, and therefore we want to help those involved in the clinical trial industry overcome patient recruitment obstacles! To do so, we want to share six tips we developed for better patient recruitment. So here we go – do you have your pen and pad ready to take notes?

Tip One: Content and Design

As most of our tips are, tip one was developed with our patient recruitment specialty (direct mail) in mind. When implementing direct mail as a patient recruitment strategy, the goal of your mailer should be to inform, educate and motivate potential trial participants. How do you do that? Be specific. Specify exactly what indication is being targeted and what the major inclusions/exclusions are.

In regards to design, your mailer should be professional and eye-catching. Pixelated, grainy images will not stand up to par! Be clear and concise in your content and make sure your design is visually compelling in order to grab the potential participant’s attention immediately (after all – you only have THREE to FIVE SECONDS to grab someone’s attention!).

Tip Two: Call to Action

This tip goes hand-in-hand with tip one. When design and developing content for your patient recruitment mailer, use a prominently displayed statement that will compel the potential participant to respond quickly. Think – what will prompt a potential participant to respond to your clinical trial?

Were our first two tips helpful? If you found them useful, then be sure to check our blog next week for the next two tips in our series of tips for better patient recruitment. After all, you don’t want to have just two!

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