Have you been eagerly anticipating the next few tips for better patient recruitment? If so, then it’s time to celebrate because your wait is finally over!

As we mentioned previously, clinical trials marketing and patient recruitment is our “bread and butter” – if you will. Therefore, we make it a top priority to not only provide the best services to our clients, but also the best advice. Last week we talked about our first two tips – content & design and a call to action. Remember – it is important to not only have a visually appealing, professional piece, but to also include a call to action that grabs the potential participant’s attention and compels them to respond. For our next two tips, we’ll focus on trust and easy response options.

Tip Three: Trust

As in most circumstances in life, trust plays a pivotal role in patient recruitment for clinical trials. When developing a patient recruitment strategy, be it direct mail or otherwise, it is important to let the potential participant know that they are in caring hands. It is beneficial to let potential participants know how long you have specialized in clinical trials and that you are certified. Clinical trials can also be an unfamiliar subject to many; so defining exactly what a clinical trial is can also contribute to a potential participant’s positive response.

Tip Four: Easy to Respond

Have you ever been in a frustrating situation? For example, have you ever tried calling a product customer service line only to get a busy signal, or forwarded to the wrong department or disconnected right when you connect with an actual human being? Not being able to reach the appropriate customer service person can be discouraging, and the same thing can be said for those trying to respond to a clinical trial. Therefore, you should give a potential participant as many ways as possible to respond. Response options can include a toll-free number, web address, PURL, email address, QR code, text message number and/or mailback response card. By including some or all of these options, you will be sure to give your audience enough options that are sure to meet their responses preferences.

So…did these next two tips leave you wanting more? Don’t worry – we’ll be back next week with even more tips on how you can improve you patient recruitment strategies! In the meantime, if you missed last week’s tips or want a refresher, check them out here.

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