For the last two weeks, we shared several tips for better patient recruitment. Last week, we talked about our third and fourth tips – trust and ‘easy to respond’ options. It may just be us, but a weekend of fun in the sun can make a week ago seem like a year ago. So…here’s a little refresher on last week’s blog.

For our third tip, we talked about trust. From an early age, we learned that trust is a key component in most circumstances in life (remember the trust fall in elementary school?). Patient recruitment for clinical trials is no exception. When implementing clinical trial recruitment strategy, make sure that the potential participant knows they are in good hands. For many, clinical trials are unfamiliar territory, so defining exactly what a clinical trial is can also be helpful. Our fourth tip last week was ‘easy to respond’ options. Like everything in life, people have different preferences. Therefore, make sure that you give a potential participant several options to respond to your clinical trial.

After that quick review we are ready to move on to our next two tips. Our fifth and sixth tips concern valuable time/compensation and compassion.

Tip Five: Valuable Time/Compensation
If the fast paced world we live in today, time is a valuable (and sometimes rare!) commodity. Therefore, let the potential participant know that you understand how valuable their time is. When developing your patient recruitment strategy (particularly in reference to direct mail), remember to let the potential participants know how long the clinical trial will take. It can also be beneficial to describe what the value proposition is to them (i.e. – monetary compensation, no requirement for insurance, study medication, diagnostic tests, etc.).

Tip Six: Compassion
Appealing to a potential participant’s compassion can be a great motivator to participate in a clinical trial. In fact, research shows that, “contributing to helping find a cure or treatment” is a leading factor in the reasoning to participate in a clinical trial. Therefore, remind potential participants that by participating in a clinical trial, not only are they helping themselves, they are also helping others.

There you have it – our six quick tips for better patient recruitment in clinical trials! Have they been helpful? Do you plan to implement them in your next patient recruitment strategy? We hope so! We want to help you reach your patient recruitment goals, so be sure to contact our customer advocate, Mary Lou, at or 1-888-299-1202 so we can work with you to fulfill your specific needs.

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