As we mentioned in our post last week, clinical research is an integral part of the progression of medicine and patient care. However, this does not mean that clinical trials face no obstacles – including negative connotations. Although people’s perception of clinical trials has improved recently, there is still some hesitation associated with participating in clinical trials.

In regards to clinical trial recruitment, this initial hesitation can sometimes be a significant obstacle to overcome. So how do you overcome it? Let’s look at the statistics to start.

Research shows that 94 percent of respondents who have not yet participated in a clinical trial and 82 percent of respondents who have participated in a clinical trial report that contributing to “helping to find a cure or treatment” is either very important or extremely important. As you can see, people’s compassion is there, so why not appeal to it? Have unique success studies from a clinical trial you conducted? Share it with your potential participants. Take for example this remarkable story:

Amazing, isn’t it? Clinical research is an integral part to the advancement of medicine and patient care, and research shows that potential participants want to contribute to this progression. When developing your patient recruitment strategy, keep this in mind. Helping others is a great motivator, so remind them that by participating in a clinical trial, they are not only helping themselves, they are also helping others.

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