One of the key factors that can determine the success, delay or even failure of a clinical trial is patient recruitment. Without the appropriate number of qualified people to participate in a clinical trial, the threat of extended delays or failure can become very real. Therefore, it is imperative to implement appropriate clinical trial patient recruitment strategy to ensure that this threat does not become a reality. But here’s the tough part…where do you start?

Your answer is City List America. After more than a decade of experience in clinical trial recruitment, City List America has learned what does and does not work in patient recruitment. Our niche lies in creating unique, compelling and informative direct mail pieces. We work with our clients on a one-on-one basis to make sure that we create a direct mail piece that is individualized to exactly what they need. We also offer our clients seven tips for better patient recruitment, which we compiled based on our years of experience in the industry.

Our first tip is, “This is Not a Sale!” At first glance, you do not want your direct mail piece to look like junk mail. Instead, it should convey a professional message and not appear to just be trying to “sell something.” In your direct mail piece, you also want to let the recipient know that their time is valuable. Be sure to tell them how much time the trial will take and describe what the value proposition would be for them, such as monetary compensation, study medication or diagnostic tests. A prominently displayed date to respond and call to action is also helpful in getting faster responses.

Find these tips helpful? Then be on the look out for the remaining four tips for better patient recruitment next week!