Individual hummingbirds migrate using the same route every year. Depending on the location of where your Standard mail starts and ends, it also will travel the same route, making as many as 5 stops. Understanding this will help you with the timing of your patient enrollment in clinical trials.

The 1st stop for your zipcode sorted patient recruitment mail pieces, is our local postal hub in Columbia SC. This USPS Hub doesn’t do sorting, but sends the mail onto it’s 2nd stop at the National Distribution Center (NDC) in Greensboro NC. This NDC separates the mail trays by zipcode and sends them off. The 3rd stop is another NDC that is located closest to the destination post office. This NDC will break the mail trays down even further and ship them off to the 4th stop, the destination post office. Here is where the mail is sorted for carrier route to make it’s 5th and final stop in the mailbox of your potential clinical trail participant.

Make your route for your patient recruitment needs the same everytime. Contact the patient recruitment specialists at City List America. We will help you get the results that you are looking for to complete your studies on time with results.