City List America will deliver tracking results that will make your day, just like biting into a warm chocolate chip cookie. In the past when you asked the Post Office when your Standard mail would deliver in-home, you were met with a cold shoulder that reminded you that you had no milk for your cookies.

That is now all changing! Beginning January 28, 2013 all mail, 1st and Standard Class, will need to be barcoded with an Intelligent Mailing Barcode (IMB). These IMB’s are coded for each address that is mailed and printed on your patient recruitment direct mail piece. City List America has already been printing the IMB on all of your clinical trial patient recruitment mailings since April 16, 2012.

Tracking starts when the post office scans a mail piece to sort for in-home delivery. This scanned information is sent back to us through our postal software and we send you update statuses. These updates can help you with the planning and timing of your clinical trail recruitment responses.

You can have your milk and cookies at the same time! Did you know that they now make a sugar free chocolate chip? If you use these and then use a sugar substitute for your white and brown sugars, you can help control your blood sugar levels.