Have you been eagerly waiting for the last few tips for better patient recruitment? Well if so, your wait is over! This week, we will share the last four tips we believe are beneficial to conducting better patient recruitment efforts.

However, as a review, here are the tips from last week:
1) This is not a sale! Try not to appear to merely be “selling something.”
2) Let the recipient know that their time is valuable! Let the potential participant know how much time the trial will take and describe the value proposition for them.
3) Make sure to include a prominently displayed “call to action” such as, “Space is limited! Call today!”

…Now that we are refreshed on the first three tips, let’s move on to the remaining tips to include in your clinical trial recruitment strategies. For our fourth tip, we suggest expressing compassion in your piece. Based on our experience, we have found that helping others is a great motivator. Let the recipient know that by participating in the study, they are not only helping themselves, but they are also helping others interested in improving their health. Along these same lines, the potential participant needs to know that they will be in caring hands when participating in the clinical trials. Trust pays a key role in patient recruitment, so let the recipient know how long you have specialized in clinical trials and if you are certified.

When it comes to patient recruitment via direct mail, the easier it is for a potential participant to respond, the better. Give the patient as many ways as possible to respond. Response options should be prominent and can include all or most of the following: toll-free phone number, web address, PURL, email address and/or a mail-back response card (which may or may not include a Business Reply Mail indicia). Content and design also play a vital roll in the success of a direct mail piece. The goal of your mailer is to inform and motivate, so the message should indicate exactly what ailment is being targeted and what the major inclusions/exclusions are. The piece should also be eye-catching and visually appealing.

Now that you have our seven tips, are you ready to take advantage of what City List America can do to improve your clinical trial services? Call us today and let’s get started!