When it comes to clinical trials marketing, virtually every decision you make will impact your patient recruitment efforts in one way or another.

Yep, we said it. Want to know why? Here’s our theory…

Based on both experience and research, our team has learned that participants (and potential participants alike) want to be involved, acknowledged and engaged in the clinical research process. In large part, this means that your community not only wants to know who you are, but wants to understand what you are doing and how they play a role in your research. This is where decisions in your clinical trials marketing come in. Even when you are not directly initiating patient recruitment tactics, you can initiate other clinical trials marketing strategies that can positively affect your patient recruitment. We recommend the following tactics for you to consider:

-Get involved in your community. Being an active member in your community not only helps other community members get to know you and your organization, but it also helps you gain brand recognition. Why not try sponsoring a local event or volunteering with a charity?

-Provide beneficial health information to your community members. A large component that affects the decision to participate in a clinical trial is trust. Help gain the trust of your community by offering them educational information that could potentially benefit them and/or their loved ones.

-Have a website but no blog? You are missing out on a great opportunity to educate your community and help them get to know you! Write about what’s going on “this week” at your organization, share beneficial health information/information on current clinical trials being conducted or use this source as a way to introduce your staff to community members!

-Help your community understand your research by creating content that is easy to understand. Clinical research can be complicated, even for medical professionals, so help your participants better understand what you are doing and what you are trying to accomplish with more ‘participant centered’ language.

-This tip goes hand in hand with our previous tip. When educating your community, make sure to explain what exactly a clinical trial is. Sometimes people have a negative connotation associated with clinical trials, so be sure to alleviate this connotation by explaining how the clinical trials process works and the key role clinical trials play in the advancement of medicine and betterment of health.

Regardless of if you choose to implement any or all of these tactics or come up with additional clinical trials marketing ideas, be sure to do one thing – follow up with your participants! They have contributed their time, commitment and trust to the clinical trial process, and they want to know how their contributions made a difference!

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