In a medical research trial, the volunteer is of primary importance. Treating him that way should start with the clinical trials marketing process—before he is even technically a volunteer! Your mailer should not ask a volunteer to go through hoops to figure out what the nature of your trial is, how to respond to your request, and what information to include in his response. One small but much-appreciated feature you can add to your mailer is dynamic response.

Convenience Increases Response

With dynamic response, the postage for the volunteer’s response is paid by the site. This saves the volunteer the trouble of looking for a stamp and eliminates all cost on the part of the volunteer as well. With thoughtful touches like this, your clinical trials marketing mailer goes from being an intrusion on the recipient’s time to a convenient, easy way to do some good for the field of medicine.

How Does it Work?

Dynamic response isn’t just convenient for the respondent—it is convenient for you, the site, as well. Your response mailer is addressed to our facility, where our expert staff processes the responses every day and passes on the volunteer information to you. All that’s left is for you to contact the qualified volunteers and invite them for an interview. Perhaps best of all, you don’t have to pay for postage to cover all the dynamic response mailers you send out. You pay an affordable rate of $4.00 for each response that comes back to us, which also covers our staff’s processing activity.

Making Your Campaign the Quickest Ever

A clinical trials marketing campaign does not have to be a drawn-out process that exhausts your site’s staff members. With dynamic response and the other great ideas that we offer, your next recruitment effort will be the quickest and most convenient one yet.