Regardless of whether your business is new to clinical trial services, or has been in the industry for several years, one of the most central aspects in conducting a successful clinical trial is appropriate patient recruitment. That being said, it is important to remember that positive response from qualified participants is often linked to how you market to your audience.

Experts agree that patient recruitment can be a time-consuming process that has the potential of delaying just about any clinical trial. At City List America, we have formulated techniques that have proven time and again to provide our clients with the patient recruitment results that they need, in the time frame they specify. We have learned that by combining seven specific marketing tips with turn-key service, patient recruitment is more likely to be successful.

We offer our clients several strategies to recruit patients, including, but not limited to: direct mail pieces (a standard strategy for City List America), media relations, data analysis, online surveys, ePublishing and promotional items and apparel. These strategies can be implemented individually or a combination of these strategies can be implemented – just depending on what our clients need.

Our team understands the important role patient recruitment plays in the success of clinical trials, and we believe that you shouldn’t be given only one option to recruit patients. We take an integrated approach to patient recruitment, which is sure to help maximize your clinical trials marketing efforts.