To start the New Year, we would like to take a moment to congratulate the University of Alabama on their back-to-back national championships in football. Both Alabama and Notre Dame had great seasons, and we commend both teams on the wonderful achievement of making it to the BCS National Championship. These schools, their coaches and their players have most certainly proven to be winners on the field, so why not let City List America help you become a winner off the field?

City List America is your teammate when it comes to winning off the field in clinical trials marketing. Just like recruiting talented players in football is important, appropriate and tactical patient recruitment is a vital key to the success of a clinical trial. To help recruit the most qualified patients, our clinical trial services include market research in which we provide our clients with ailment specific, area specific lists of potential patients. And don’t worry – the lists that we access are the results of lifestyle surveys that an individual received at random, completed, “opted in” and returned to the survey source. The protection of a patient’s privacy and personal information is of the utmost importance to us; so all information gathered is done so in an ethical, HIPAA compliant way.

Start your perfect season in clinical trials marketing today with City List America. As a team, we’ll be sure to score a few touchdowns!