A clinical trials recruitment agency can reach people in all different locations: at home, at special events, at your site, or even at work. We spend most of our time during the day at work, so it’s logical to ask whether there’s a way to cooperate with local businesses and engage with their employees. While you might think that businesses would initially balk at the idea of taking time out of the workday to talk about clinical trial recruitment, there is a lot you can do to make your suggestion attractive.

Provide Health Services

Your research site can sponsor or even conduct an event providing free health services to employees. This could include simple procedures like blood pressure checks as well as more complex services like blood sugar, cholesterol, and body fat measurements. Having your group come in and serve the employees like this is a great move for the business—and best of all, it costs them nothing!

Make it Easy With Your Clinical Trials Recruitment Agency’s Help

If you approach a company asking to place clinical trial recruitment materials in their break rooms or waiting rooms, they will be more likely to agree to the arrangement if they:

• Do not have to do any work at all.
• Know that the materials will look nice and will not clutter the room.
• Are impressed with the quality of your materials.

Tent cards, brochure holders, and posters are great items that won’t get scattered around the room or make a mess. Also, check back occasionally to refill brochures and to replace outdated materials.

Reap the Rewards

What’s the goal of all of this activity? Adding names to your clinical trial recruitment contact list for future recruitment. A free health service event is sure to solidify you and your facility in the memory of employees and prompt them to sign up for the next trial you invite them to with the help of your clinical trials recruitment agency.

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