In today’s age of environmental concern, we hear it all the time: we need to stop using paper, move everything online, and “go green.” Certainly it is easy to be concerned about the state of the environment when we see paper wasted for no reason, but the truth is that with practices like recycling and responsible forestry in place, using paper doesn’t necessarily mean harming the earth! If you have been trying to publicize your site’s patient recruitment needs online and getting less than stellar results, we would like to invite you to reconsider the many advantages of direct mail.

Print Can Be Sustainable

During the Industrial Revolution, we didn’t think too much about replanting trees and improving efficiency. The rate of paper wastage was fairly high, but today things have changed quite a bit. In fact, for the past two decades, the forests of North America have stayed at close to the same levels of coverage. It seems our paper and wood product manufacturers have learned how to make the most of their resource’s most incredible feature: it replenishes itself over time!

Print Still Trumps Online Content

For all the emails, social media posts, and web content that we read every day, printed materials still grab our attention more effectively. Statistics place print marketing above digital content in the most important features, which means that mailing a patient recruitment request to someone is a much better use of your marketing budget than shooting them an email. There is something about picking up a physical piece of mail and reading it that engages us and encourages a response.

While technology has undoubtedly shifted the way we communicate with one another, it has not decreased the power of a well designed notification printed on a sheet of paper. Make your site’s next patient recruitment effort both environmentally friendly and highly effective with direct mail.