Corporations spend huge amounts of both money and time coming up with the perfect branding solutions. No detail escapes scrutiny, whether it’s the size of the company’s logo, the exact color shades used in it, the slogan’s wording, the font it appears in, and alternative versions of the logo for use in various applications. As a not-for-profit organization, your clinical research facility has probably not gone to those lengths to design a brand that catches the eye of the audience. But branding does more than just sell products—it creates a first impression in the minds of people who are encountering your organization for the very first time. And that is at the very heart of your clinical trial recruitment strategy.


What will your organization’s dynamic new brand look like?

First Impressions

• The branding of your site or CRO is the first thing that people notice when they:
• Receive a letter or postcard inviting them to volunteer for a clinical trial
• See your informational materials displayed in their doctor’s waiting room
• Stop at your booth at a community health fair, 5k race, or other event
• Drive past or visit your location

If your branding is basic, unattractive, or nonexistent, the result is a poor first impression. A potential volunteer may not walk away from your booth or throw away your direct mail piece because of a poorly designed logo, but it will be an uphill climb to regain the audience’s attention and convince them that your organization is dynamic, friendly, and up-to-date. Things are much easier if your branding has those same qualities, matching the high quality of your organization.

The Design Process

There’s a good reason companies spend so much money on developing logos, slogans, and other branding elements: it’s extremely difficult! It takes a lot of experience, research, and knowledge to come up with branding that communicates the desired message efficiently. Without a dedicated marketing department, the best way to obtain that kind of branding is to work with a third-party service that has the requisite background. Branding is a big part of what we do for our clients here at Clinical List America, and we have a few important advantages that allow us to do it quickly, affordably, and beautifully. Perhaps the biggest of those advantages is a state-of-the-art print facility, which we use to print brochures, mailers, postcards, and other materials in house. This not only saves time and money during the printing process, but it also ensures that colors and other branding details remain consistent across different printed materials.

Promoting Your Brand

It might seem strange at first to talk about “promoting” your clinical research organization. You aren’t selling a product, but in a way you are selling something else to your audience: the idea of volunteering for clinical research. Your audience will be most comfortable with the idea of volunteering when they see that your facility is well organized, highly professional, experienced, and ready to give them great service throughout their relationship with your staff. That good impression starts with the promotional materials that you print and distribute. Once we have helped you develop a unified, effective branding solution, we incorporate it into your recruitment materials, in the form of direct mail and advertising but also in digital form. Your brand should reach across your website, your social media outlets, e-newsletters, educational motion graphic videos, and other digital marketing efforts. As a third-party clinical trial recruitment agency, Clinical List America is ideally situated to manage a multifaceted campaign built on your facility’s new branding.

It’s a mistake to claim that recruiting volunteers for clinical trials is an easy process. It is a complex process, most effective when it is founded on a long history of building recognition in the community through consistent marketing. Great branding is a critical part of that marketing, and if your organization has overlooked the quality of its brand for too long, it’s time to do something about it.

Clinical List America: Branding and Marketing Solutions

At Clinical List America, we fully customize every client’s clinical trial recruitment strategy. We would love to start the conversation with you and show you how we can revolutionize the way you attract volunteers to your important clinical trials.