If you are employed at a clinical research site or a CRO, you spend every workday immersed in the world of clinical trials. Given that fact, it could be easy for you to forget that the average person living in your community has a rather inaccurate impression of just what a research trial looks like. One of the most important things you can accomplish during patient recruitment is providing a quick, understandable overview of what lies ahead for volunteers.

Bust the Myths

“I’m not going to be a guinea pig for a potentially dangerous drug!” That’s a pretty common reaction to the suggestion of participating in a clinical trial. Many people assume that research trials are intended to find out whether a mysterious treatment will have any harmful effects on the human body. It’s up to your patient recruitment strategies to reassure volunteers that they’re not going to turn into the Incredible Hulk during your trial!

Show the Benefits

Don’t stop after dispelling the myth that clinical trials are dangerous. Make sure recruits know just how valuable the trial participation opportunity is for their personal health. When you clearly explain the advantages of free access to treatments and medications, people respond!

Educating Through Motion Graphics

What’s a motion graphic video? It’s an incredibly affordable educational tool that is more effective than almost any other method for educating the public about clinical trials. Once you have a brief informational video customized for your site and specific clinical trial, you can distribute it via your website, email list, and in person on a computer or mobile device at community health events. Research shows that viewers process videos much more thoroughly than text-based communication, and with today’s technology, producing a high quality video is just as easy as printing an informational brochure. Ask us how you can start using motion graphic videos and other effective patient recruitment services in your next campaign.