Suppose you are in the planning stages of a clinical research trial for diabetes. What is the fastest way to get in contact with all the people in your area who have the indication and meet the study’s requirements? Before thinking long, you are sure to come to the conclusion that local doctors are the folks you want to be talking to. Patient recruitment for clinical trials becomes much easier the more you can win the cooperation of doctors working in the area.

Doctor-to-Doctor Letters

A doctor-to-doctor letter is simply a piece of correspondence notifying local physicians about your upcoming clinical trial. At Clinical List America, we can design a professional letterhead featuring your site’s information and mail the letter for you in a high-quality sealed envelope. With the help of a follow-up postcard, local doctors will remember to mention your trial to qualifying patients, sending very valuable contacts your way.

Ongoing Contact

Patient recruitment for clinical trials with the help of doctors is not a one-time event, but rather an ongoing process. Even when you are not actively recruiting for an upcoming study, you can ask doctors to place brochures about your site in their offices and distribute them to patients. When the time comes that you do need volunteers, the existing relationship will give your doctor-to-doctor letters even more weight.

Focused Recruitment Efforts

Why is doctor participation so valuable in patient recruitment for clinical trials? Sometimes, even a trial volunteer himself is not positive whether or not he qualifies for the study. A doctor, with extensive knowledge of a patient’s medical background and other conditions, will only send him your way if he is confident he will qualify for the study. This saves you lots of time in the preparation stages and allows you to get on with your research trial as soon as possible.