In a world that seems to be connected in virtually every way, why is patient recruitment still one of the primary obstacles faced by those in the clinical research profession?

Between smart phones, tablets and Wi-Fi, receiving information or searching for it is fairly simple. In theory, this would mean that delivering a message about participating in a clinical trial would be easy, right? Unfortunately, this theory does not always translate into reality. Instead, clinical research professionals continue to struggle with meeting patient recruitment goals, and with less than five percent of American’s knowing where to even look for information about clinical trials (Getz, Philadelphia Survey – as reported by the CISCRP website), recruiting patients for a clinical trial can be nothing less than daunting.

So how do you communicate with an overly connected audience? By developing a relationship with your current and potential participants. Communication is shifting away from mass messages and towards a two-way communication structure. Audiences no longer want to be ‘talked at,’ but rather have a conversation with. Clinical trial participants, in particular, want to be engaged, acknowledged, informed and thanked for their contribution to clinical research.

Consider implementing highly targeted patient recruitment strategies that will deliver the right message to the right person. From there, engage with your community. Consider preferred communication channels, offer beneficial health information and get involved in community events (just to name a few suggestions). By doing this, you’ll be able to foster a mutually beneficial relationship with your participants (and future participants!).

Think this sounds like a good strategy, but wondering how to implement these tactics? Consider patient recruiting outsourcing. By implementing the expertise of patient recruitment specialists, you can save time, money and headaches – in a big way. Let our team help you improve your patient recruitment strategies, engage in a healthy relationship with your (potential) participants and reach your patient recruitment goals faster. Give our customer advocate, Mary Lou, a call today at 1-888-299-1202 or email her at

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