A clinical research site that isn’t on Facebook or Twitter is missing out on an incredibly cost-effective, valuable recruitment tool. That’s all there is to it. It costs very little to post to these social media outlets on a regular basis, even if you choose to outsource the posts to a patient recruitment agency to make sure they go out on time and are high quality. For a larger investment, you can advertise on the sites, targeting people that live in your city. You have nothing to lose by getting involved with social media, and a lot to gain!

Time and Thought Required

While keeping up with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts is easy, it does require an investment of time and thought. One big mistake that businesses and agencies make is posting aggressive, “salesy,” poorly written, or just plain boring content. A clinical trials recruitment agency gives your social media strategy the creativity, balance, and useful information that will keep friends interested and attract new ones.

Say What You Want to Say

It’s important that your patient recruitment agency be in close communication with your clinical research site as they post on your behalf. All of your posts and Tweets should represent your work accurately and be consistent with your stated mission. A good clinical trials recruitment agency knows how to fit their skills within your site’s identity—not the other way around.

Reap the Maximum Benefit

Of course, social media gives you the ability to keep in touch with potential and previous study volunteers year round. But it also gives you a great way to support the recruitment campaigns that you conduct with the help of your clinical trials recruitment agency. You can notify Facebook friends to keep an eye on their mailboxes for your recruitment postcard, and even provide contact information directly on your page for people who might be interested in volunteering. Call our patient recruitment agency today to start socializing!

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