Patient recruitment in clinical trials is one of the most essential steps in the process of completing a clinical trial. Without the appropriate number of enrolled patients, a clinical trial can be delayed, which in turn can have negative financial effects. In fact, according to “Clinical Trial Delays: America’s Patient Recruitment Dilemma,” an article published by Drug Development Technology, as much as $8 million in revenue is lost each day a drug is delayed.

It is easy to see why patient recruitment is so important, but what causes this lack of participation? According to ISR Report’s “Patient and Investigator Recruitment” report, 69 percent of clinical trial “naïve” respondents reported that they have not been made aware of any trials.” Yet, a combined total of 45 percent of these respondents reported being either “‘very interested’ or ‘extremely interested’ in participating in a clinical trial.” So what does that tell us? It’s not a lack of interest that potential patients are suffering from, it is a lack of awareness.

To combat this lack of awareness, Clinical List America implements patient recruitment strategies that focus on reaching highly targeted audiences. Our methodology involves targeting people who suffer from a specified ailment and who are within a reasonable driving distance from the clinical trial location. Once we know this, we segment our lists by various factors such as age, gender, ethnicity or treatment method. We then work with our clients to develop custom mail pieces that are sent directly to potential clinical trial participants. Typically, our clients find that the most specific the list, the better response results.

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