Like in any business, marketing plays an essential part to the success and profitability of an organization. It is often said that you can have the best product available, but without smart marketing your product will more than likely not survive. Why is this? Think of it this way – who is going to buy your product or services (even if they are the best) if no one knows about your business?

Smart marketing can be applied to clinical trial recruitment, too. In order to get potential participants to partake in your clinical trial, it is important for them to be aware of and trust your organization first. People are precautious when it comes to their health (understandably), and are therefore less likely to participate in something that they are unfamiliar with, held by an organization they are unaware of.

To help increase awareness and develop trust among your community/potential participants, we recommend implementing smart, integrated marketing tactics. Get your name out in the community and focus on trying to generate positive word of mouth. Interact with your community through traditional media outlets, such as television and radio, through social media, direct mail and by participating in local events – just to name a few things. Don’t try to just ‘sell’ your services, though. Instead, do things like providing helpful tips about healthy living or literature about various indications, for example. Position yourself as a credible source.

Once you are engaged with your community, potential participants will become more aware of your organization and less weary about whom you are and the clinical trials you hold. Clinical trials are fundamental to the advancement of medicine and betterment of people’s health…so be sure to help your community understand that.

With creative strategy and smart marketing, you can become even more successful in your clinical trial patient recruitment. Need help getting started? No problem. The Clinical List America team has years of experience, and we are ready to help you with all of your needs.

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