Are you looking for the best patient recruitment in clinical trials? Have you ever considered patient recruitment outsourcing? If so, then it is time to take advantage of the clinical trial services offered by Clinical List America, the patient recruitment specialists.

At Clinical List America, we know that patient recruitment and enrollment is essential to the success of a clinical trial. Without the appropriate number of qualified patients to participate, a clinical trial cannot move forward. The challenge of reaching patient recruitment goals often lies in the potential participants lack of awareness about clinical trials that they may be qualified to participate in. Therefore, we take a highly targeted approach to our patient recruitment efforts. We provide our clients lists of targeted people who suffer from the specified ailment and who are within a reasonable driving distance from the clinical trial location. Our lists can then be segmented by various factors, such as age, gender, ethnicity or treatment method – just depending on the needs of our specific client.

Once we establish the appropriate list/s, we then focus on reaching these potential participants directly…through means of their mailbox. Why direct mail? Research has shown that approximately 50 percent of people prefer direct mail, and more than a quarter of people find direct mail to be the most “trustworthy” medium. Plus, our experience has shown through a combination of our specific lists, award-winning direct mail piece designs and implementation of our marketing tips, our clients are more likely to reach their patient recruitment goals within the time-frame they specify.

Want to know more? For more information about Clinical List America’s services, please call us toll free at 888-299-1202 or email our customer advocate, Mary Lou, at today. We look forwarding to assisting you reach your patient recruitment goals!