In our last post, we told you a little about what goes on in our office as we write/edit/proofread text for patient enrollment in clinical trials and select appropriate photographs, images, designs, and other elements. In this post, we’ll discuss the all-important HIPAA compliance as well as the marketing savvy that patient recruitment companies put to work for your postcards and flyers.

Patient Recruitment Companies: Following the Rules

Our staff checks, double-checks, and triple-checks the language of your mailers to make sure it complies with HIPAA’s patient privacy requirements. And that’s before the materials go to an institutional review board for final approval! We take HIPAA compliance very seriously, making it the top priority in our patient recruitment activities. The last thing your research site or CRO needs is a lawsuit related to a breach of your volunteers’ privacy.

Getting the Attention of Volunteers

A postcard for patient enrollment in clinical trials might be 100% HIPAA compliant, but it won’t get results unless it is designed with great marketing skills too. Patient recruitment companies know that if they don’t get the reader’s attention within about seven seconds, the postcard is a wasted effort; it will most likely end up in the trash can. Even the size of the mailer is carefully calculated—too small, and it can get buried beneath envelopes and retail ads. Too large, and the higher mailing costs could put your recruitment campaign over budget.

The Final Product

As you have seen in these two blogposts, the postcard that finally gets pulled out of the mailbox by a potential clinical trial volunteer has a lot of time, work, and thought behind it. All of that effort pays off, though, when we begin processing the responses and send you a full slate of highly qualified recruits for patient enrollment in clinical trials.

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