It’s fairly obvious that the best way to conduct clinical trial recruitment is not through the use of broadly sweeping techniques. There’s no point in sending flyers, postcards, or other direct mail pieces to families that live far from your trial site or that have no experience with the specific indication your trial focuses on. But how can you narrow down your efforts, ensuring that each piece of mail reaches a high-value potential trial participant? That’s our job, and here are a few of the features we consider when compiling your unique mailing list.


Clinical trial recruitment is highly localized—your mailing should target people who live within a reasonable driving distance of the site where your trial will take place. But more in-depth thought may be needed:

Is your site in an industrial or commercial area? If so, a wider radius (ten miles instead of five, for instance) may be needed to reach a large enough group of participants.

Is your location rural? Residents of rural areas are accustomed to driving longer distances on a daily basis.


If your trial concerns depression, COPD, or arthritis, your mailer should focus on older recipients. If it concerns women’s health issues, your mailers should not go out to bachelors or single fathers. These facts are obvious on paper, but without an experienced eye culling your mailing list, you could end up wasting money on mailers to non-qualifying people.


We are able to compile a clinical trial recruitment mailing list for you that takes into account treatments that affect your trial. Excluding a popular treatment method for diabetes, cholesterol, or high blood pressure may be critical to ensuring that the people who receive your mailer are eligible for your trial.

Data protocol is an essential element of recruitment, and the more detailed it is, the more valuable your responses will be. Call us or use our live chat feature to get your targeted recruitment project started.