Once a volunteer finishes the last task, checks in for the last time, and heads home at the end of the clinical trial, what contact do you have with him? If the answer is “none,” then you are throwing away an extremely valuable tool for future clinical trial recruitment. Sadly, many sites do discard their relationships with volunteers at the end of the trial, when they should be developing those contacts into even more volunteer opportunities for future trials. Here’s a little bit about our Volunteer Involvement Program, which is designed to help you do just that:

Attract, Inform, and Maintain

Once a volunteer has had a positive experience participating in one of your studies, he is likely to:

  • Participate in a future trial if qualified
  • Recruit family members and friends for a future trial if he’s not qualified but they might be
  • Ask family and friends to give you their contact information for future recruitment efforts

These kinds of contacts are very valuable and could make all the difference to future clinical trial recruitment campaigns if you handle them skillfully.

Electronic Tools

Our VIP service uses email-based tools to maximize your post-trial contact with volunteers. A regularly published eNewsletter is a great way to pass on exciting news, mention upcoming clinical trial recruitment projects, and ask for address changes and other contact updates. Even if an eNewsletter is returned due to an invalid email address, that gives you the chance to contact the volunteer by mail and request an email address update.

An eNewsletter is most effective when it is interesting, clear, and consistent. Although you may not have time to design, write, and edit an eNewsletter once a month, our experts can handle those details for you. We look forward to working with you to make the most of your volunteer contacts!