As patient recruitment specialists, we are big advocates of patient recruiting outsourcing. The way we look at it, by taking advantage of the services provided by organizations that focus strictly on patient recruitment for clinical trials (like us!), you are on your way to creating a winning season (or a dynasty) in clinical research.

Clinical List America is your teammate…and your advocate. We’ll work with you to develop custom patient recruitment strategies that work – helping you reach your goals faster. But we also go beyond providing patient recruitment services for our clients, offering recruitment tips, news on industry trends and more! We want to see you succeed, because after all, we’re a team!

For this post, we’d like to focus some a tip regarding email marketing. Although our specialty is highly targeted direct mail, we do realize that many of our clients also communicate with their participants via email (like we do with our monthly e-newsletter!). Recently, Google made some changes to Gmail. To help users organize their inboxes more efficiently, Google implemented ‘tabs’ to help filter messages. But here’s the catch – if anyone in your audiences is using Gmail, they may not be seeing your email!

To help ensure that your audience is receiving your emails, share these tips with your audience:

1)     Drag any email from <Your Organization Here!> to the ‘Primary’ tab

2)     Once this is done, Gmail will prompt, “This conversation has been moved to ‘Primary.’ Do this for all future messages from <Your Organization’s Email Here>?” Answer – yes!

Pretty simple, isn’t it? We hope you found this tip help! And speaking of – are you a Gmail user receiving our monthly e-newsletter? If so, be sure to put us in your ‘Primary’ tab! You won’t want to miss out on more helpful hints and tips for Clinical List America!

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