The cornerstone of our clinical research patient recruitment services is our rich national database, which contains millions of names and addresses. If you know anything about the marketing industry, you have an idea how difficult it is to assemble a list like that, particularly when sensitive medical information is involved! How does a patient recruitment agency get access to a high value database like this while remaining in compliance with HIPAA guidelines? Here are the answers:

Those Brief Surveys

Have you ever filled out a survey online or mailed one in, perhaps to receive a small gift or as part of a product registration? Many of those surveys include health-related questions, and if the respondent completes the following three requirements, we can place his contact information in our database:

  • Verify that he is over age 18
  • Specifically “opt in” to receive mail notifications
  • Sign the survey

Staying HIPAA Compliant

As we build and maintain our database, remaining in line with the requirements of HIPAA is absolutely necessary. For that reason, we restrict ourselves to the procedure described above—we never get names and addresses from hospitals, pharmacies, doctors, or other sources that might violate the patients’ privacy rights.

Verifying at Every Step

Once we add a name to our database, our job is just beginning. Once a month after that, we check the address to make sure it is still valid and the individual has not asked to have his name removed from mailing lists. Even if there are no issues with the address, we remove it from our database after two years to ensure that all of our contact information is fresh. We also remove a name once we have used it for patient recruitment in clinical trials.

The reason for all of these measures is to get you the highest quality mailing list possible when you conduct your research trial marketing campaign. Call today to find out how our patient recruiting agency can help your site or CRO.