Patient recruitment for clinical trials can be tough. After all, without an initial pool of potential participants to pull from, a clinical trial cannot move forward. To combat the challenges of patient recruitment, it is important to develop strategic tactics in order to effectively reach and recruit potential participants. Once this is done, the process of qualifying and retaining these patients can begin, hence the progression of the clinical trial.

So with that said, what type of strategies are you implementing in order to achieve this initial task of patient recruitment for clinical trials? Social media? Online marketing? Media outlets – radio, television, print? And the better question – are they working for you? Although all of these resources can be good recruitment strategies, if they are not meeting you needs then it may be time to consider another tactic that you haven’t considered before – direct mail.

As patient recruitment specialists, one of Clinical List America’s primary specialties is direct mail. However, this is not to say that we simply rely on sending out generic direct mail pieces to random audiences. Instead, we focus on sending the right message to the right audience. Our methodology revolves around highly targeted patient recruitment, in which we target people who suffer from the specified indication and who are within a reasonable drive of the clinical trial site. Once we have identified a population with the appropriate indication, we can refine the database further by age, gender, ethnicity or treatment method. We also incorporate a few other things to help increase response rates…but we’ll talk about that more next week.

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