At Clinical List America, we love using technology to communicate with people all over the country on a daily basis. But we enjoy talking with them face to face much more, and that’s why we are so excited about the upcoming Site Solutions Summit in October. We’ll be there with lots of great information on how our direct mail services can transform patient recruitment for clinical trials from a frustration to a victory, and we hope to gain more insight from those who have been working in the clinical trials field for many years.

Learning from the Best

An event like the Site Solutions Summit, held this year in Amelia Island, Florida, provides an incredible opportunity for us to take our services to the next level. With tools like social media, mobile phone tech, and Internet advertising becoming more important, we want to learn how sites and CROs can implement them into their recruitment campaigns. As we find out which ideas are working and which ones aren’t, we adjust our products and services to give our clients the best bang for their investment.

Showing off our Services

We know that many of the folks attending the Summit will be on the lookout for something to revolutionize their patient recruitment for clinical trials. When these people stop by our booth (Booth #26—mark it down!), we show them the beautifully designed, carefully worded marketing postcards and flyers that we mail out. The more they learn about our targeted mailing list and convenient response methods, the more excited they get about implementing our service into their next campaign.

Making New Contacts

One of our goals at the Summit is to expand our network of site and CRO contacts even further. We look forward to the great conversations we’ll have with many of you, but we don’t want our relationship to end there! Please stop by Booth #26 and let us know how we can stay in touch with you throughout the coming year to let you know about our direct mail and other valuable solutions for patient recruitment for clinical trials.