Experts agree that patient recruitment outsourcing for clinical trials can be a time-consuming process that has the potential of delaying just about any clinical trial. The last two blogs, this blog and the next blog cover 7 marketing tips that can increase your response rate on your direct mail pieces. These tips can be found on City List America’s brochure on our website.

Fifth Tip is “Trust”.  Patient recruitment specialists say that the patient needs to know that they are in caring hands.  Let them know how long you have a specialized in clinical trials and if you are certified.
Sixth Tip is “Easy to Respond”.  Give the patient as many ways to respond to a study as possible.  This should be prominent and should include all or most of the following: toll free phone number, web address, PURL, email address and /or mail-back response card.

There are also 7 tips for healthier holiday baking Tip five is to toast nuts before baking.  This increases flavor so you can use less.   Nuts are full of great nutrition but calorie dense.. Tip six is to try 2% milk, Neufchatel or ‘light’ cream cheese, 2% cottage cheese and part-skim ricotta instead of their full-fat counterparts.

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