Experts agree that patient recruitment strategies for clinical trials can be a time-consuming process that has the potential of delaying just about any clinical trial. The last three blogs and this blog covers 7 marketing tips that can increase your response rate on your direct mail pieces. These tips can be found on City List America’s brochure on our website.

The Seventh Tip for clinical trials marketing is about Content and Design.  The goal of your mailer is to inform and motivate.  The mailer should be easy to read and understand.  It should indicate exactly what ailment is being targeted and what the major inclusions/exclusions are.  Be clear and precise.  A professional designed mail piece is eye-catching and visually compelling that grabs the patient’s attention right form the beginning.  The messaging, design and content can account for 30% of your recruitment response.

There are also 7 tips for healthier holiday baking Tip seven is to use whole grains.  These add fiber and nutrients.  Even if you don’t need to be gluten-free, try adding a whole grain flour such as quinoa, amaranth or oat to your usual baking flour.  These are all nutrient dense and add interesting flavors and textures to baked goods.