Clinical research is an integral part to the progression of medicine and healthcare. However, for those involved in clinical research, it is well known that patient recruitment in clinical trials play a large part in this progression.  So we ask you this: when developing your clinical trial strategy, have you ever considered providing your potential participant with the privacy they are looking for? What do we mean, you might ask back? Let us explain.

In today’s digitally connected world of smartphones and the Internet, reaching loved ones or staying up-to-date on the latest news is typically fairly easy to do. Although technology has its benefits, its abundance sometimes leaves us with the question, “What about my privacy?”

As Alan F. Westin reported in his recent article, “How Important is Privacy Today?” privacy is a central concern for many. To test privacy’s importance, Westin used a search engine to see how often privacy was mentioned in print and web publications versus various human-interest issues (click here for more details). His findings were overwhelming – take a look:

Search engine results for, “How important privacy is, compared to the importance ratings of other fundamental social values”:

7. Importance of liberty – 24M

6. Importance of civil liberties – 26M

5. Importance of equality – 28 M

4. Importance of democracy – 44M

3. Importance of freedom – 73M

2. Importance of human rights – 101M

1. Importance of privacy – 248M

As you can see, the numbers speak for themself. Still not sure how privacy plays a role in patient recruitment? “The Value and Importance of Health Information Privacy – Beyond the HIPAA privacy Rule – NCBI Bookshelf” reports that, “individuals are more likely to participate in and support research if they believe their privacy is being protected.” So…how do you make your potential participants feel comfortable? By protecting their privacy.

You can do just that with our privacy mailer, which is constructed to achieve three things: privacy, confidentiality and security. Want to know more? Simply contact our customer advocate, Mary Lou, at or 1-888-299-1202.

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