We look forward to the annual ACRP Global Conference & Exhibition literally all year long. Last month, we packed up and traveled to San Antonio, Texas to participate as an exhibitor in the 2014 conference. We had a wonderful time meeting so many new people and discussing our patient recruitment outsourcing system with them. Here are some of the highlights of our trip!

Building Our Knowledge Base

Whenever you assemble so many clinical research experts in one place, you are sure to hear a lot of great advice, experience, and news about how the industry is developing. The various educational sessions were very inspiring and informational, but it was also wonderful to talk face to face with leaders in the field and find out what they are doing to serve the medical community. We picked up a lot of great knowledge that will help us make our approach even more effective.

Expanding Our Service

One of the primary reasons we focus on the ACRP Global Conference is that it gives us the opportunity to tell site managers, sponsors, and CROs about the benefits that patient recruitment outsourcing can provide for them. People are always surprised to hear just how effective our mailing process is compared with print, billboard, television, and other forms of advertisement. We’re already beginning to follow up on the great contacts we gathered and help them breathe easier when it comes to recruitment.

Pushing Forward Until Next Year

After the booth is taken down, we are back home, and all the promotional items are stored away, the real benefits of the ACRP Global Conference are just beginning. The entire event is meant to help clinical research move forward more efficiently and effectively, and patient recruitment outsourcing is at the heart of those goals. Chat with us online to learn more, and we hope to see you at the conference next year!