In order to provide the best patient recruitment services to our clients, the Clinical List America team is constantly in ‘brainstorm’ mode (as we like to call it). In our brainstorm mode, we get the creative juices flowing. We focus on improving our current products and services, and we think about “what we can do next” to help our client reach their patient recruitment goals efficiently and effectively.

In addition to our ‘in-house’ brainstorm mode sessions, we also encourage and appreciate feedback from our clients and industry colleagues. This feedback helps us better understand what our colleagues struggle with day-to-day, and it allows us to focus on the best possible solutions to resolve these struggles.

As the Site Solutions Summit, a few members of our team were able to sneak away for a bit to attend some of conference seminars. One seminar in particular, hosted by SCRS founder and president Christine Pierre, emphasized the importance of patient engagement. Ms. Pierre urged the potential participants and current participants alike want to be engaged with the organization conducting the clinical trial they are participating in. They want to be acknowledge, educated…. thanked. Like in almost any situation in life, they want a relationship with the organization hosting their clinical trial.

Well let us just say…we couldn’t agree more. Clinical trials can be a sensitive topic, and for someone that has never participated in one, the unfamiliarity can be unsettling. However, if you engage and maintain relationships with participants, you’re creating a connection of trust, familiarity and good rapport. This means better experiences for your participants, better engagement and recruitment for you…optimal participant and site satisfaction.

However, we know from client and colleague feedback that creating and maintaining these relationships can be difficult. But it doesn’t have to be! With our VIP services, our team can help develop and preserve these relationships. Want to learn more? Give us a call at 1-888-299-1202 and we’ll help you get started. After all – we want to help you resolve your patient recruitment needs!

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