Are you looking for a highly professional recruitment tool to market your upcoming clinical trial? Take a look at our Security Envelope Package – a mailer designed to draw your potential participants’ attention by immediately informing them that the content of the envelope is important and strictly for them.

Scenario: You receive a letter in the mail. It’s in a standard white envelope with nothing but your mailing address and an unfamiliar return address label. Do you open it? Do you notice it at all?

Likely not.

Studies show that it’s critical to catch the eye of your potential participant in less than seven seconds and our Security Envelope Package is designed to do just that. The security envelope provides both a professional appearance and an exciting invitation to open it up and learn more. From the moment the envelope leaves the mailbox, we excite and interest the potential participant, leaving them asking, “I’m being considered for a clinical trial?” and eager to find out more.

Some clinical trials require more discretion than others, with many potential participants suffering from indications that shouldn’t be printed in bright, bold letters on an oversized postcard. That’s why Clinical List America created the Security Envelope Package as a key method for patient recruitment for clinical trials. With its compelling top-level design, our completely customizable envelope grabs your attention as soon as it comes out of the mailbox and is simply too intriguing to toss!

To find out more about this package, please contact one of our customer advocates at (888) 299-1202, or visit our website and try out our live chat. If you’re tired of trying to coordinate efforts to gain volunteers through channels that don’t deliver, we’ll show you a better way. Clinical List America is dedicated to making patient recruitment for clinical trials a breeze.