As anyone involved in clinical research well knows, clinical trial patient recruitment is one of the most important site operations today. After all, if a site is unable to obtain enough qualified participants for a clinical trial, then the trial cannot move forward. However, often time sites can underestimate how many potential participants need to be reached in order to meet their qualified participant requirements, and in turn their patient recruitment efforts fall short. In fact, Clinical List America recently attended a session about patient recruitment on the site level at the 2013 ACRP Global Conference and Exhibition, and learned that in a 15-year study conducted by the session advisor, the number of incoming potential patients to patients actually randomized in a study was 10:1.

With that alarming statistic in mind, it is even easier to see the importance of executing effective clinical trial recruitment strategies. This is where Clinical List America comes in. Clinical List America is the patient recruitment specialist, and therefore implementing the expertise of our team should be an essential part of your patient recruitment efforts. We focus on highly targeted patient recruitment strategies, sending the right message to the right audience, and we are dedicated to helping each of our clients reach their patient recruitment goals.

Appropriate, strategic patient recruitment is vital, so it is important to take advantage of the expertise of an organization, like Clinical List America, who’s focus is patient recruitment. To learn more about Clinical List America and our products and services, contact our customer advocate, Mary Lou at 888-299-1202 or at You can also subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter by emailing Mary Lou with the subject line, “Subscribe me to Clinical List America’s E-Newsletter.” We’ll keep you up-to-date on the latest news with Clinical List America and in the clinical research industry.

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