From the time that a client asks us to help them with recruitment strategies for clinical trials, there are a lot of things that happen before the completed mailers land in the mailboxes of the potential recruits. In this post and the next, we take you on a little behind-the-scenes tour of our clinical trial recruitment plan process. We think you’ll be surprised at just how much work it takes to create an effective, attractive, and HIPAA-compliant marketing mailer!

Making Adjustments or Starting from Scratch

Some CROs and research sites get the ball rolling by giving us content that has already been IRB approved for use in their clinical trial recruitment plan. In other cases, our clients ask us to create brand new content for them, which will later be submitted to the IRB for approval.

Both approaches work well, although we are well aware that more time will be required if we create new content that must go through the approval process. Our experience writing for the clinical trials field has given us an IRB first-time approval rate of over 85%, reducing the delay between content creations and actually mailing the materials out.

Recruitment Strategies for Clinical Trials: Painting the Picture

The photos we use in your direct mail postcards or mail backs are more than just space filler. They give the mailer a style and feel that should perfectly match the indication and the specific nature of the study. Often, we even take the dates of the clinical trial into account, ensuring that the season depicted in the mailer’s photos matches that of the study. Whether you provide the photos for us or we draw from our own resources, we make sure that the resolution and format of the images are ideal for the printed product.

There are many other considerations that go into your recruitment strategies for clinical trials—in our next post, we’ll discuss HIPAA compliance and some of the methods that our expert clinical trial recruitment plan designers use to catch the eye of the reader.

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