Round Out Your Recruitment with the 360 Plan

Instead of focusing your recruitment attention on a narrow window of time, our 360 Plan helps you think in terms of volunteers all year round. The most effective marketing campaigns are those that are built on successful, creative, long-running publicity efforts. From the old-fashioned to the technologically advanced, the techniques in our 360 Plan are designed to make sure that people know who you are before you ask them to volunteer for a clinical trial.

Face to Face Communication

If your research site is not heavily involved in your community, the 360 Plan will help you change that! By participating in community events, your staff will become familiar faces to potential volunteers and will have many valuable opportunities to have face-to-face conversations about the research trial process. Here are a few of the events that your customized 360 Plan might include:

  • Health fairs at local schools, colleges, and corporations.
  • Sponsorship of run/walk events.
  • Community festivals and holiday celebrations.


A strong, memorable, unified message will help your research site become more than just a name to the people who live in your area. We will help you design a message, design elements, and even a creative logo that will help you stick in the minds of potential recruits. Banners, marketing products, and permanent signs will dramatically raise your profile in the community.

Online Activity

Staying in touch with people has become easier than ever before, and the online features of our 360 Plan allow you to make the most of technology’s tools. From emailing an eNewsletter periodically to posting messages on Facebook and Twitter, we will make your site just as active in the online community as it is in its actual community.

To support your trial marketing campaigns with a year-round, comprehensive approach to publicity, contact us today and begin customizing your 360 Plan.

Did You know?

National Volunteer Week, a program established by Points of Light in 1974, is about inspiring, recognizing and encouraging people to seek out imaginative ways to engage in their communities. It’s about demonstrating to the nation that by working together, we have the fortitude to meet our challenges and accomplish our goals.Engage the people that have volunteered for one of your clinical trials, all year long. Stay in touch, honor them, celebrate them! They will keep coming back, referring their friends and help us all have healthier lives!

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