Dynamic Response Increases Marketing Results

Dynamic response is, quite simply, one of the most powerful elements that you can add to your clinical research marketing materials. At the moment that a potential study volunteer is deciding whether or not to sign up for your study, you want to make that decision as easy as possible for him. Paying for the postage of your volunteer’s response also makes a statement about how your research site or CRO plans to take care of him throughout the trial.

Pave the Way for Response

Unfortunately, sometimes the smallest obstacle is enough to prevent a qualified recruit from taking that critical step and actually responding to a mailer. Postage is one of those small obstacles, and if a person doesn’t happen to have stamps in the house, he may simply forget to mail in the response until after your deadline has passed. If you have already taken care of postage for the response, though, that same person can get it in the mail to you the very next day with minimal effort.

An Affordable Addition to Your Recruitment Campaign

One of the best features of dynamic response is that your CRO or site only pays a small fee for the responses that are actually mailed back by respondents—not for all the mailers that you send out. For the small investment, this element returns a huge benefit in terms of increased responses!

Establishing Trust

Paying for postage instead of expecting the volunteer to foot the bill is a fantastic way to show him that you plan to take care of him during the clinical trial. Dynamic response is a tangible way for your organization to show courtesy, warmth, and friendliness to your volunteers before you even meet them.

Dynamic response also saves your research site money—our agency processes the responses, compiles the data in an easy-to-use spreadsheet, and sends it to you so that your workload is minimized for this phase of the recruitment process.

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Did You know?

Clearly, the largest benefit for sending back a postage paid reply card is an increased response rate. In the scenario where a person sincerely intends to mail back a response card, but doesn’t have or cannot locate a stamp, using a Business Reply permit makes a lot of sense. Statistics show that the challenge with direct mail is that response rate drops dramatically if people do not act shortly after opening their mail. Studies done using a control group with a Business Reply permits consistently have higher response rates than those requiring respondents to affix a stamp.
Source – The directmailman.com